Städel Time Machine
Published 4 years ago
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Android; Gear VR
The Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany commissioned NMY to develop an app that enables users to virtually experience the museum in the year 1878.
The 1878 version of the museum, including the building and approximately 600 pieces of art was brought to life with the help of VR technology. This is how you visit a museum in 2016.
The audience of the museum is not limited to age or gender. Therefore, NMY developed an intelligent interaction concept that facilitated a simple and playful usage of the app. Städel museum delivered 3D data of the museum building and pictures of the works of art to NMY who then went on to optimize them for usage with VR glasses. The outside area of the museum was entirely reconstructed digitally and implemented into the app.
NMY created a virtual and immersive world that sends museum visitors on a journey into the past of the Städel via smartphone and VR glasses. The Städel app can be downloaded in the Oculus App Store and it invites visitors to take an interactive trip into the year 1878. With guided audio tours in German and English, 600 pieces of art, 15 exhibition rooms and an excellent performance despite a size of only 170 MB, NMY managed to set new benchmarks for VR apps in 2016. Hello 1878.
NMY was responsible for the interaction concept, visual design and development of an app that allows users to immerse themselves into an authentic representation of the past via VR glasses.
Thanks to NMY’s realization of the project, we were able to visualize our longtime research in anastonishingly realistic way and effectively simulate the historical exhibition rooms of the Städel museum. Users of the virtual reality glasses receive a perfect impression of how the collection was presented in the late 19th Century and they experience a completely accessible and, if you ask us, ideal interplay of technology and art history.
Prof. Dr. Jochen Sander, Sammlungsleiter Deutsche, Holländische and Flämische Malerei vor 1800, Städel Museum
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Eric Eschrich
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Android; Gear VR