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Windows; TBA
A dynamic game of motion, exploration & discovery
A dynamic game of motion, exploration & discovery
  • Explore vibrant organic worlds in orbit between the earth and the moon
  • Compete with other beings as part of an ecosystem powered by spheres of energy that fall from space
  • Travel with total freedom through a continuous game world that never removes control from the player
  • Crafted elements interact with dynamic systems to creates a unique emergent experience for each player
  • You will never reach a forced objective, load screen or fail state in Spheres so the narrative is created by what you do, where you go and what happens when you get there​​
Dynamic Gameplay
  • Independent game world that ebbs and flows at its own pace constantly creating new gameplay opportunities
  • Everything in the game reacts to the changing world around it based on the behaviour of the player and other beings, the geography, the weather and the time of day
Exhilarating Motion
  • The player moves through the world building up an ever greater freedom of movement to explore
  • Everything in the game world has its own physical presence so anything you see can be traveled to and interacted with
Explore Spectacular Environments
  • Seamlessly journey though day and night in vast landscapes and the spaces in between to forge your own unique experience
  • Ever changing mists, winds and weather create constantly varying conditions for your adventure 
Discover Your Own Path
  • A truly open world in which every direction leads to new discoveries
Tim Leney
Supported Platforms
Windows; TBA