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Spellstrike is a story-based action brawler set in the fantasy world of Ethir. Prepare to engage in an explosive exchange of magic with a roster of powerful characters all vying for victory.
Spellstrike features two play modes. Story Mode will have you following the exploits of a ragtag band of spellcasters in a mission to uncover the truth behind a dark conspiracy. Smash Mode is an intense versus mode where you duke it out within the game's various levels, in a crazy flurry of magical mayhem.
  • Fast-paced arcade style combat mechanics mixed with strategic magic abilities
  • Diverse levels with their own set of challenges
  • Story Mode featuring a rich, engaging plot
  • Smash Mode which can be played by up to 4 players on a single screen
  • Full controller support
A great many years ago, the world known as Ethir was rocked by the arrival of the Titansail, a massive vessel that housed an advanced race of magic users who called themselves the Eridi.
Although they shared their technological gifts with the rest of the planet, the Eridi carried out covert assassinations and abductions of magic users in Ethir, acting upon a mysterious directive to suppress power.
Centuries of this gave rise to the Pacema Treaty, an armistice between the four indigenous nations of Ethir, led by the militant Rakhi. Thousands of soldiers rallied towards the gates of the Eridi capital, only to be eradicated by an unseen force that erupted from the center of the city. As the smoke cleared, no trace of the Titansail could be found.
The leaders of the Pacema Treaty undertook a ferocious crusade: to crush all Eridian presence in Ethir, no matter what the cost. However, whispers within its now-decaying political veins tell of a darker, more nefarious tale.
As countless civil wars break out all over the planet, an unlikely group of people will unmask the truth behind that fateful day, one that will rock the core of this war-torn land.
Welcome to a world where magic runs deeper than blood, and twice the mortal price to pay.
Welcome to Spellstrike.
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