Space Toads Mayhem
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s - some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles :)
It's a challenging, reflex-based 2d shmup, rewarding a player who enjoys fast-paced action and can utilise enemy behaviour to his / her advantage.
Select Features
  • Enemies with personality: simple emotional states are implemented which affect how enemies behave. For example, each of the enemies chooses to attack the player at a different point in time since being spawned.
  • Epic Powerups: Mega Death Sun and Vicious Red Hole are among those making easy work of the incoming hordes.
  • Chance for a good drop mechanic: as the player progresses through the level and the difficulty increases, good powerups are harder to find and nasty traps start to appear (gameplay mechanic inspired by action RPGs such as Diablo etc).
  • Arcade-style, challenging gameplay: Due to a degree of unpredictability in enemy behaviour and randomised gameplay elements, it is not possible to truly learn any levels by heart - therefore the player needs to stay focused all the way through every single time.
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English; English, British
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Windows; Mac