Soulless, a game about hope
Published 3 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows

You play as a cute creature called Elin whose main goal is to save his friend, but to do that he has to jump down the rabbit hole into a magical world which is unknown to him.
He is guided through the world by a light, that shines with hope, however the further he goes, he realizes the world only gets darker and darker and that he has to face his deepest fears.
Fight your fears in boss battles, solve the world’s many puzzles, by combining many different mechanics and learn the truth of the world you are in.
On the surface, it looks like a classical story of saving your friend, but if you scratch a bit deeper, it becomes more complex, and more personal.
The story is meant to be at the same time straightforward and abstract. Your goal is simple, save you friend. Who is that friend? Who are you? Why are you here? That's all up to you to figure it out, and we are sure everyone is going to have an idea of their own.
We did this so you can be the writer of your own story.
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Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows