Soccer Control
Published 3 years ago
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iOS; Android
Inspired on the famous football tricks, Soccer Control is an ability game that allows the user to juggle a soccer ball by tapping the screen in the precise moment not letting it fall into the ground.
If the you manage to perform several consecutive tricks, you will increase your score and will be able to get new backgrounds, soccer balls and tricks too.
The most important characteristic is the possibility to perform the most amazing and difficult tricks that the game has. Every time the player performs an amazing trick he/she will obtain bonus points.
The player also has the ability to move from left to right in order to reach the ball.
The basic rule is : do not drop the ball.
  1. The ball starts on the floor.
  2. With the first tap the player raises the ball and starts juggling.
  3. Points are added to the score every time it hits the ball correctly.
  4. There are several tricks in order to move the ball in different ways.
  5. The player can use the characters thighs , head and feet to juggle.
  6. Just move quickly from left to right and tap in the exact moment to maintain the ball in the air.
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iOS; Android