Published 4 years ago
Android; iOS; Windows

Snapimals: Explore. Snap.Build.
At the edge of the known world lies lands yet undiscovered and quirky animals yet unknown! Set in the roaring 20’s, you play an intrepid photographer searching for the rarest, wildest and laugh-out-loud funny animals the world has yet to see. The player's mission is to bring beautiful photos of these animals to the people by building the grandest museums the world has ever seen!
Explore and discover incredible animals, take pictures, and build the greatest museum on earth!
Join the Captain and venture to the ends of the world to photograph the rarest, funniest, and wildest creatures ever spotted!
  • EXPLORE distant exotic lands
  • SNAP pictures of amazing animals
  • BUILD the greatest museum on Earth
It's an exciting new age of discovery — Of distant places yet to be seen, filled with exotic creatures of which you've only heard contradictory accounts!
Explorers are rushing to the corners of the earth, embarking on dizzying expeditions to discover the unknown. And they're doing it in style. It's the turn of the century. Things are new, big and bold!
  • Live the Moment: Experience a vibrant world through the lens of your trusty camera
  • Go Wild: Venture among the animals and see what they really do when nobody's watching
  • Craft your World: Build out your museum and have visitors venture from all over the globe to experience your creation
Interact with Animals - Toss goof-balls and play a harmonica to unlock and discover your beloved animals' quirky behaviors, especially those of Rare and Legendary ones
  • Upgrade your Camera - Zoom in to get up close and personal with the fascinating animals
  • Captain’s Pics - Snap and Collect all the pics for the Captain’s Collection
  • Social Hobo (post-launch): Send Social Hobo to distant lands to meet folks and bring back mysteriously wonderful gifts from friends and strangers alike
Rajeev Nagpal
Game Languages
Abkhaz; English, British; Esperanto; Estonian; Ewe; Faroese; Fijian
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS; Windows