Snaky Snake
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iOS; Android; Windows
In Snaky Snake, you must control Snaky as he explore various planets in search of food. But be careful to help him to avoid the different obstacles on his way, tree, rock, ... and his own tail!
Everyone knows the famous Snake, this video game where the player controls a line which grow, grow, ... to become an obstacle to the player him self. The principle of Snaky Snake is the same, but the game innovates on some points, for exemple, the player doesn't evolve on a plane surface but on a tiny planet, like in a Mario Galaxy! Futhermore, in Snaky Snake, the player can embody different characters, each with a unique planet and a special characteristic.
■ Several Characters
Collect many characters already available and all the others that will arrive gradually.
■ Various Universes
Discover dozens of nano-planets with unique atmospheres and colorful designs.
■ Special Powers
Use the special powers of certain characters to alter the universe or the time and reaching high scores.
■ Challenge your Friends
Compare your scores on leaderboards and try to defeat your friends!
■ Free To Play
Snaky Snake is free and all its content is unlockable by playing.
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Nicolas Pierre-loti-Viaud
Nicoplv Games - Owner
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; English; French; German; Hindi; Indonesian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; Windows