Sky War : Dragon Knight VS Alien
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There are many scrolling shooters but none of them is like "Sky War". This stunning shoot ‘em up game combines the classic arcade elements with the new possibilities offered by current technology.
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In this epic war game your beautiful planet was invaded and captured by the alien from the sky and now you are on the mission to shoot'em all and free your planet.
Sky War allows fighting in the sky. Sky War game is a very fast scrolling shooter game with nice Sound and music is very attractive, HD graphics. Sky War free for everyone. Excellent graphics effect in the game the sky fight game designed and animation is very beautiful 
"Sky War" offers gorgeous 2D graphics, intense gameplay and a lot of new features. The options to boost up your Dragon Knight are incredible. Yes, that’s right, DRAGON KNIGHT! There’s a satisfying number of the dragon knight to choose from. Each with different strengths and weaknesses.
Beautiful levels with diverse missions to complete.
Unique knights with their own skill
Epic boss fight
Summon adorable allies to help you beat the boss
Smooth controls and engaging power-ups
Amazing Visuals – Silky smooth graphics with spectacular explosions
Minh Ngo
Excutive - Producer
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