Sitio Santo Antônio
Published 5 years ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Oculus Rift; Other VR; Windows

Project develop at first for the Ocupação Mário de Andrade by Itaú Cultural in 2013. It brings a interactive tour by the Santo Antônio Grange, in São Roque, São Paulo.
In 2015, the project was remastered, updating the 3D models for a better visual quality, furthermore, it served as a pilot project to the development of a new interactive system, that allows a richer and easier interaction, also bringing a inedited approach to acessibility in a interactive project through a audiodescription system for guided tours, facilitating the acess to not only visually impaired people, but also to motor and hearing impaired people.
The educational content in the application is the result of researchs about the history of the grange, official documents and some others written by Mário de Andrade. But there is also local curiosities that where discovered in a series of visits to the place and the city, many of them told by Paulo Severino, the home-keeping of the place. His stories reveals facts that are not present in the documents, but are in the life of the people that lived there. This approach brings the user closer to the culture and the folklore of the place.
In 2014 the "Ocupação Mário de Andrade" was exhibited by the Cultural Center of São Paulo for about a month.
Jonathan Medina
Game Languages
Portuguese, Brazil; English; French; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Oculus Rift; Other VR; Windows