SIEGE! Build and Defend
Published 2 years ago
In development
SIEGE! is a local multiplayer game for Windows on Steam. Play with or against your friends in a epic battle.You build a castle and brawl with cannons, swords and ballistas.
SIEGE! will get you on the edge of the couch as you battle your best friend. How will you bring your soon to be ex friend to his knees? Use your strategic overview as you build your castle which defines half of the battlefield, a good defense is all you need, or master the sword and take him out in close combat. Only one can be jumping in the couch spilling his beverage in celebration. Will it be you? 
Don’t got any friends? Don’t worry Siege! is for everybody also the lone wolf. In arcade mode you defend your castle against waves of enemies alone or with your friend. Rise to the top of the leaderboards if you can master this mode.
Castle Building
Build a epic castle, but be smart and try to counter your opponent, or just make it look really pretty. The choice is yours. Each castle can be build with tons of different pieces and weapons. Remember when your king is dead the fight is over so make sure he is protected.
Sword Dueling
When your castle is in ruins in a cloud of dust grab your sword and charge ! The smooth controls is easy to learn but hard to master. The melee combat is the perfect setup for a epic duel.
Be fashionable!
If that wasn’t enough you can also rub your great sense of fashion in your opponent’s face ! As you play the game you will gain experience and level up. Each level unlocks items to build, new gear and more.
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