Shuriken Practice 3
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; iOS; Android; Windows Phone; WebGL
Akira practices his skills in Shurikenjitsu. He cannot become a member of the Kagenoryu until he has proven himself worthy. The game is a remake of the 2008 hit but with a graphical upgrade
Akira is an outsider trying to join the Kagenoryu clan and become a protector of the prefecture. The clan leader has decreed that if Akira can prove that he will not get in the way and become just another scared soul to protect in battle and that if he can prove himself capable of defending himself and the people, he will be allowed to join the clan and learn the ways of the ancient, giant shuriken.
As fate would have it, as the sun sets on the day before his test, the clan has to ride out to aid a nearby village that has come under attack. Since Akira is not yet a member of the clan he is instructed to stay behind and practice his skill. 
As the battle rages in the background and the fire on the horizon illuminates his target range, the stage is set for you to prove his worth.
Alas, all is not as it seems...
Defeat the game and master the use of the 4 basic shuriken to learn of the plan to make history repeat itself and wipe out all that remains of the Kagenoryu clan...
Ryunosuke Jansen
Mr - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; iOS; Android; Windows Phone; WebGL