Shantee's Choices
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; iOS; Android
Shantee's Choices is a Massively Branching Story Game in which you are part of creating the story, and your choices truly matter.
Shantee wants to be a soldier, but life has other things in store for her. It is up to you as a player to decide which path she chooses. 
The story takes place in the country of Dreussen, in which a revolution is brewing. The people are fed up with their decadent and ignorant queen, who have long neglected them, and they are about to rise up in defiance and desperation.
Your story, however, might end up being of a more personal kind. You have to decide if Shantee joins the rebellion - or maybe the soldiers trying to suppress it - or if she submits to her parents' wish to marry her off to someone she has never met.
In this Massively Branching Story Game (think Choose Your Own Adventure or a large Visual Novel), your choices truly matter. You will be able to lead Shantee to very different places, depending on which decisions you make. 
What will you do?
Anna Jenelius
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Windows; iOS; Android