Save Mongwau
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iOS; Android
A challenging finite runner with some juicy graphics and a small story behind.
Save Mongwau
This story is about a young girl named Mika from one indigenous tribe. Like everyone else in her tribe, Mika has a soul spirit. Mika and Mongwau that's the name of her spirit, are about to take a "Rite of Initiation", when person and their spirit merge into the one form of life. So they can protect and take care of each other.
Right before the initiation, an evil wizard named Otaktau decides to steal Mongwau. He feels that Mongwau has a lot of energy he can consume.
Now it is up to you how fast Mika will save Monwau.
Some of the game features would be:
- You will fight giant spiders and bats
- Jump on platforms, run the hills, climb the stairs
- There are various locations like lava, jungle, swamp, and more
- Intense final boss battle
Geeky Raccoons
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iOS; Android