Salad Hunt
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iOS; Android
You are The Chef and you discover that salad ingredients have come alive as cute, but mischievous characters that are ruining your kitchen! Toss whatever you can find at them to save what remains of the kitchen, or just destroy everything in the process.
One of the few games for kids, stressed out parents, and “young at heart” grandparents alike. A family friendly FPS with cartoony weapons and destructible environments. 3D arcade rail shooter action in a simplified mobile format. No guns or zombies here, just tasty characters and kitchen destruction.
-- Easy to play, just TAP to shoot!
-- Unlimited ammo
-- Accuracy does NOT count
-- Destruction is encouraged, almost everything is breakable!
-- Snipe the veggies with forks or score combo hits with the lettuce!
-- Tap quickly to get those crazy veggies before they get out to the restaurant!
-- Bonus level: Table flip simulator!
-- Story driven mini comics
-- Fun food facts and proverbs between levels
-- Cartoon 3D physics for maximum kitchen chaos

Pomoh --- A joyful tomato
Pepper Pup --- An angry chili pepper dog
QQ Kitty --- A helpless onion cat
Rolli Cauli --- A fearful cauliflower sheep
E.P. Porkins --- A classy eggplant pig
And YOU as The Chef

Awards and recognition:
Gameacon 2017 --- Best Mobile Game
MassDiGI Game Challenge 2017 --- Best Art, Best Audio, and Category Runner-Up
PAX South 2018 --- PAX Rising
Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2018 --- Comics x Games Selection
Taipei Game Show 2018 --- Indie House Selection
Montréal Independent Games Festival 2017 --- Official Selection
MAGFest 2017 --- Official Selection
Minefaire 2018 (Official Minecraft Community Event) --- Indie Showcase
Telly Lee
Lead Designer at Salad Hunters - Designer
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android