Rune Rising
Published 4 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Rune Rising is a 2.5D action shooter and platformer about a female archer, named Shie, on a search for a sacred rune crystal in order to get herself out of a dark and mythical cave.
Game Objectives
The Objective of the game is to get out of the cave, while attacking Enemies, overcoming obstacles with your bow-and-arrow, and finding the key to unlock the Rune Door leading to the earth´s surface. The Player can move, jump, and climb around and attack enemies with one weapon. The bow-and-arrow. 
Game Features
Controlling Shie throughout the level design is fluid and intuitive. To shoot your arrow takes focus. Hold down the shoot button (left bumper on Xbox Controller) to enter into aiming mode. Release to shoot your arrow in the direction you aimed. You won´t be able to move while in aiming mode. So find a safe place to attack your enemies, if you can!
Unique Selling Points
-Stunning visual experience
-Unique Story
-Action-packed solo combat
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Attila Szenczi-Molnar
Student of Game Design / Art
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac