Robot Kati
Published 2 years ago
Sci-Fi fantasy game have a stories about Robot Kati and 12 unique robots
Sci-Fi fantasy dealing with the story of artificial intelligence robot Kati and 12 unique robots
It is possible to defeat the enemy by upgrading and exchanging the hands and feet of the robot in each case for the Vulcan, the liquid metal blade, the electron beam etc., and fighting on a giant robot
Multiplayer up to 4: 4 is possible and even if the Internet is not connected you can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere using the story mode, You can also enjoy the dance of the robot through the bonus menu (dance time)
Story :
Planning to migrate in the universe is planned for the earth dominated by the future gigantic enterprises not so far, and in reality, in order to work in the universe which is difficult environment for human beings to survive, An artificial intelligent robot with both quantum brain and small nuclear fusion generator is being developed, The giant enterprise of the Earth is trying to cheaply manufacture and disseminate the artificial intelligence robot thus developed
Excluding the quantum brain and nuclear fusion generator, the electronic auxiliary brain that is being operated using radio frequency will be installed and mass production of popular robots that operate with lithium ion batteries will be done, Depending on the option, the humanoid robot will have a look that is almost indistinguishable from human beings, so that all human tasks will be substituted and the human society will change greatly (Just like when smartphones were distributed to the planet)
On the other hand, In space , Gigantic enterprises construct an orbital ring and an orbital elevator that can make the transfer of materials between the earth and the universe cheaply and efficiently, Making it a conspiracy by a giant company Intentional orbital elevator collapse , So many people die.. A number of robots made to hold a human heart together with a human figure in which an accident occurs in the main system which controls the orbit base, It is a frenzy with the main system to cause rebellion, longing for one's own person, to gain freedom ...
Character introduction:
1. Kati : Daughter of Omega, hacking all devices in a short time, original purpose of software programming, housed body
2. Loco : Genie's daughter, causing all equipment errors, unintentional sudden demolition, original purpose debugging, housed body
3. Zoomer : Heavy equipment manager, can disassemble heavy equipment and attach it to his body.
4. Valkyrie : turret manager, maneuvering turret in place
5. Zensio : base manager, accessible to all systems in the base
6. RodeSamar : Subframe, Worldview Second Ability, Othesa's lover
7. Amadeus : Gatekeeper, able to access all doors or isolate enemies in certain areas
8. Othesa : Body designed as repairman, repair and remodeling of all equipment, Kati's teacher, Incubator
9. Jukan : destroyer, destroy, destroy unrecoverable error
10. Mettela : Engineer, responsible for the design and construction of the equipment.
11. Omega : mainframe, no form, presence like God , A composite of 12 billion core quantum brains copied from the earth's 12 billion brains
12. Genie : ? , Designed to take care of the weather or uncertainty system, but not in use, releasing Kati to the atmosphere
- The above is a description of the system of games that will continue to upgrade
Regular levels and functions are provided from version 2.0 (April update)
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