Richie's Plank Experience
Updated 9 months ago
Windows; HTC Vive
How are you with heights? The Plank Experience uses room scale virtual reality. It tests your ability to walk a plank, 160m off the ground.

As you step up to the plank, your heart rate increases.
Your feet shuffle forwards and dust falls to the clouds below.
The distant sound of traffic fights to break through the gusts of howling wind.
You don't belong up here. The birds do.
You know it's not real. Your friends aren't so sure.
Includes 3 Bonus Levels
Rocket Fireman - Fly around a city with rocket hands, putting out fires. 
Richie's Feet Experiement - Kick a VR Ball through a goal on Level 30.
Sky Paint - A creative sky writing simulator.
Richard Eastes
Game Languages
English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; HTC Vive