Rex Odyssey
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Mac; Windows
Rex Odyssey is a 2.5D platformer game in the vein of the old classics set in a colorful world with tons of characters and a lot of things to do.
The game is Influenced by classics like Mario Brothers, Final Fantasy, Zelda, with a touch of the new wave of cartoons like Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball as well as Studio Ghibli films. 
Help Rex to go back to his world, meet friends and foes and embark on a colorful journey to defeat a mistery force of evil wandering the lands of Niji. 
"Imagine a level structure like Mario 64, but instead of a castle you have a huge JRPG style world complete with enemy encounters and minigames." 
The game combines classic gameplay of old school Sidescrollers with a fully 3D Hub world filled with quests, enemies and varied goals. 
Multiple objectives per level, Bosses, Collect Pidgeons, Poochies, Bananas! Beat the Time Attack mode in each level, and lot more! 
Upgrade your skills to dominate elements, call powerful summons to help you in battle, or just wander beneath the sun. 
  • Sidescroller platformer gameplay. 
  • Full 3D World to explore. 
  • Battle arenas and enemy encounters. 
  • Summons. 
  • Rich and colorful aesthetics. 
  • Super Blue Skies! Like old school blue skies!. 
  • Different Gameplays / Minigames. 
  • Excellent music made especifically for Rex Odyssey.
Mauricio Dal Fabbro
Art Director - Artist
Video Game Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows