Relaxing Lines v1.1.1 [ANDROID and possibly TIZEN]
Published 2 years ago
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Relaxing Flow is color matching game .

It is intended to be simple, convinient and addictive,
to let you flow free through levels and feel satisfaction from solving puzzles fast.
★ Ultra smooth, confident touch control with smart path finding
    (finally you will never be afraid of breaking lines by accident)  
★ Infinite game mode : Endless loop
    (generates random unique sections of 10 puzzles)
★ Progressive Time game mode
    (generates random unique sections of 10 puzzles with gradual difficulty)
★ Clean contrast grathic with randomized colors of dots, lines and UI 
    (you will never be tired of them)
★ 3 Types of puzzles : Classic, Cross, Turn .
★ Over 2000 Unique level variations. All Levels are open and free
★ Fun sound effects
★ Watch videos to earn Free Hints
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