Red Bomb: Exploder
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux
Red Bomb: Exploder is a 3D, action/arcade game filled with explosions, bombs, lasers and robots. Set  Bomb. Detonate.
You play as Exploder a hero armed with variery of bombs to take down enemies and solve puzzles.
Exploder can plant bombs where he stand, and detonate all the deployed bombs at once using the denotate button. Stacking bombs on a single location creates an even more destructive explosion.
Holding the Bomb for a brief moment opens up Exploder's target reticle that allow him to lock-on enemies. Once locked, releasing the bomb button will launch sticky bombs towards the locked target. Like the grounded bomb, you can also stack multiple sticky bombs by repeatedly tapping the bomb button after releasing the target reticle.
Exploder has special bombs that requires special resource to use.
             Black Hole bomb, a ground bomb that sucks all enemy in an area.
             Napalm Bomb, a ground bomb that leaves a lingering flame that deals damage over time
             Electrocute Bomb, a bomb that stun and deals minor damage to all enemies in an area.
ryan santiago
Game Languages
English; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux