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Parametric light generator tool for your games (and 3D renders).
One day we asked ourselves a question: "why don't we develop an utility for 3D artists using Unity? The regular workflow is from 3D package to Unity; but why don't we revert it?" Of course we could use more regular development tools, like  XCode or Visual Studio, but the personal challenge to use Unity for the purposes of ArchViz artists was too much appealing. And we did it: Since September 2015 Real IES is a professional and simple utility software for creating .ies photometric files to be used for 3D render.
The software is entirely developed using Unity, considering the practical necessities of 3D artists, VFX artists and animators who give priority to final photorealism instead of just engineering realism. Intuitive user interface of Real IES allows users to manipulate a few sliders corresponding to different angles of the light cone, increasing and decreasing light intensity for each direction.
Real IES generates "Type-C" photometric files, the most used for interior and arch-viz lighting and supported by main 3D and rendering softwares like 3ds Max, V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona Renderer, Maxwell Render, Fry Render, Octane, Blender, Cinema 4D and many other.
While in the first release of Real IES we were mainly concentrated on the visual realism of the light for artistic rendering purposes, now we have introduced the advanced mode with more specific photometric data. Newer releases of Real IES have implemented significant modifications such as:
  • possibility to import and edit third-party .ies files
  • precise light fine-tuning with exact parameters like luminous flux and electrical power
  • overview of lumionous intensity per each angle
  • illuminance calculation depending on the position of the lighting fixture
  • import all the essential information to the rendering engine
  • integrated automatic update system directly on software startup
  • random generator for lazy days
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Windows; Mac