Published 2 years ago
In development
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Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Drift, use nitro, but don't be wrecked! Racers:Dirt is the most dynamic topdown racing game with retro pixel art. You can play career mode, local multi player mode, and online multi player mode.
We fully reproduce the feel of the old arcade game with 2d pixel art graphics and 16bit sound. It also goes very well with the dynamic rally cross concept.
We want you to fully enjoy the drift. Start the drift by simply tapping the button during the cornering, feel different slips in tarmac and dirt. We also always provide optimized handling and grips according to car stats.
Get the Nitro through the drift, just press the button to use it. You can use Nitro strategically - whether you accelerate in a straight line, end a drift, or get out of an off-road fast.
As your car crashes into other cars or obstacles, it will take damage, spark, smoke, and eventually explode. There is also a race mode to takedown other cars. You will enjoy more intense and dynamic races than ever.
You can enjoy 6 race modes in Career mode. You can also enjoy races with your friends or other players around the world through local multiplayer mode and online multiplayer mode.
David Lee
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English; Japanese; Korean
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Xbox One; PlayStation 4