Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android
Guide a bouncing cube up a growing tower, avoiding hazards along the way
Introducing Quebly, the latest release from The Mascoteers! Take a bouncing cube as high as you can as it ascends a tower that materializes above you. Navigating these chaotic steps that ascend can be much more difficult than it first seems...
Following on from the basic principles of recent classics Dropple and Stairway, Quebly has the player tap to change direction, moving left, right and straight to avoid falling off the structure and its twists and turns. To succeed, you’ll have to keep one eye on what’s happening up ahead and another on the layout below, tapping at the right time to keep the little cube hopping along!
Mind your footing as there’s more than a few missing tiles and various hazards that are designed to slip you up. The winding, unpredictable trial to the summit of the tower is rife with danger, and it becomes more chaotic and unpredictable as your climb higher and higher Keep a look out for gems as well which are scattered around the structure - pick them up to unlock new features and colour schemes!
• This app may require read and write permissions to your storage for score share feature
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iOS; Android