Project MP1
Published 2 years ago
In development
Xbox One
1000s of scenes
200s of enemies
100s of weapons
4 mutations
3 scene layers
2 main characters
1 incredible sprite-based action game

The only thing between you and your missing colleague are a few 100 different types of enemies.
If you can't beat them, then find a better weapon (among 100 different types). 
If you're still having problems, discover and use weapon combos on them.
If they still stop you, transform into something better (like a zombie...werewolf...ghost.......). 
If they stomp you, possess them and stomp their friends. 
If they smash you, recruit them to fight back against their own kind. 
If they continue to defeat you, find a secret path around them. 
And if, after all this, you still can't win?  Then saddle up on a giant Cassowary and show them who's boss.
Michael Palotas
Software Engineer, Artist, Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Xbox One