Poker Keep
Published 2 years ago
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Play classic video poker games set to a dungeon theme! Poker Keep brings the old-school RPG elements of progression, look and feel to the video poker world.
•True casino-standard RNG: no bias, no predictability, no secondary decisions, just pure RNG where each game has equal odds for any outcome.
•No intrusive advertising or misleading clicks. The game was designed to be fun to play, not to trick the players.
•No paywalls. You can enjoy everything this game has to offer completely free. If you want to support us, you may ask the game to play you an advertisement in exchange for Gold or buy consumed in-app purchases for currency to get more Gold right away.
•Unlock more than 20 achievements and brag to your friends!
•Items and inventory system for selecting which game of video poker to play. Poker Keep uses a unique progression system for making different games available through the use of items. These are purchased with the same currency that you are betting and many require achievements to be unlocked before they can be purchased.
•Customize your look with different deck art: dragons, royalty, soldiers, and monsters. Everything you crave from an RPG game.
•See your stats for games played, won, cards you have thrown away, and more for each individual item and as a whole. This is helpful for tracking achievement progress.
•Earn free gold each day by volunteering to watch an ad or playing a mini-game where you pick one of three cards to win a specified amount of gold. The mini-game is 100% part of Poker Keep and does not earn us any revenue; you can feel safe playing the mini-game for free gold.
Kurtis Jensen
Game Developer/Music Producer - Programmer
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