Pocket survival
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iOS; Android
Rogue-like survival game.
Challenge how long you can survive.
You have been thrown to an unknown space for unknown reasons.
You only have few items for survival.
The night is upon you.
Move around the map, collect useful items, and upgrade your weapons to survive.
Spring will go away shortly.
Prepare for the summer and winter.
Wolves are targeting you every moment.
You will have to craft new weapons as your weapons wear off.
But don't worry.
You can always restart from the beginning.
Of course, you will have small rewards, too.
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Game Characteristics:
•    Rogue-like RPG game play.
•    Various monsters across different maps.
•    Survival through four distinct reasons.
•    Boss monsters by season.
•    Produce and upgrade weapons.
•    Target the head or shoot the torso - A wise choice is necessary.
# caution
Does not transfer any data to/from an external server.
All saved data will be erased when you delete this app. You will not be able to restore the data.
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android