Photon Rush
Published 2 years ago
In development
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Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA
Photon Rush is a local multiplayer game with fast action. Up to 16 players.
Your job is to outlive others players, maneuver your vehicle to
destroy the others and dodge obstacles at the same time.
Race, dodge, focus, avoid, run, squeeze, destroy, block, trick and SO MUCH MORE and all at HIGH SPEED.
Your job is to outlive others players, maneuver your vehicle to destroy the others and dodge obstacles at the same time. Every second map get tighter and you have to watch our back all the time.
Locally Up To 16 Players
Yes, really, 16 players and a big TV! Invite all your friends and play together. This is one of few games that can do that! Can you imagine fun playing with so many friends in living room?
Non Stop Action
No one will get bored. Action is VERY FAST and one round takes just about 30 seconds. You won’t have time to use bathroom!
Stamina And Bonuses
Stamina comes to your aid, it will charge slowly, you can use it to run faster or slower and [u]block opponents steering[/u] in small area around you. On other hand bonuses will appear in random spots on map, you can pick them up and use later.
Gamepad Support
You can use your gamepad from console. We support all popular gamepads and much more. You can checkout on this website if your gamepad is covered: Rewired - Supported Controllers.
One Hand To Play
One Gamepad For Two Players
You need only one hand to play Photon Rush, you can reach snacks or hold drink and play at the same time.
So maybe you have limited number of gamepads? That’s fine, we got it covered! Two player can play game simultaneously using only one gamepad. Also isn't it perfect excuse to get closer to your date?
Game Mechanics - Bonuses
Explosion Blast: You can destroy obstacles, players and balls. Shielded players are immune.
Shield: While being shielded you can go thru obstacles and balls and players. If other player have shield then collision logic is like you both have no shield (see Collision paragraph below). You can not leave map, walls will destroy you.
Death Zone: You can create zone where no one except you can not steer inside zone. Inside zone bonuses or powers (stamina) can be used.
Game Mechanics - Collisions
Player Vehicle have front and back side.
If you hit opponent back side with your front side - you lose. If you hit opponent front side with your front side - you both lose.
Krzysztof Bogdan
Programmer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA