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Go on an adventure with your friend as a double-ended dog! Two players share a controller, working together to solve puzzles and help strange creatures in the world of PHOGS!
PHOGS! is a vibrant and silly world filled with weird creatures and puzzles to find. Coordinate with your coop partner to navigate as a double-ended dog, finding new ways to use your double-endedness as you explore. Helping boingles, bouncing on jumpkins and hurding pesky munchlets are a few examples of the fun things the phogs get up to on their adventures. 
By keeping the controls and mechanics of PHOGS! simple and intuitive we hope the game will be accessible for friends and family of all ages to pick up and play. Currently we plan to release on console with players sharing a controller, each using a joystick to move and wobble their end of the double-ended dog.
Bit Loom
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English, British
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