Pearl Popper
Published 2 years ago
Pop as many colorful Pearls as you can and release Zoe's friend Joe.
An addictive, thrilling and time killer game of popping and smashing colorful Pearls, which involves swipe and to target the pearls.
Planning your Swipe and targeting with perfection is the key to free Joe.
Release as many Joe’s as you can to purchase more power-ups. Use your incredible powers of lasers and blast smartly to reach the top.
Invite your friends on Facebook and ask them to send you gifts to help you out.
  • INCREDIBLE POWER-UPS like the FIREBALL that will blast each and every pearl it touches,
  • SHOCK WAVES; Shattering all the pearls nearby, use it wisely to save yourself, LASERS and its incredible power involves scanning from bottom to top to decrease the strength of the pearls. HINT: Use it when your screen is full of pearls.
  • UNLEASH the power of ZOE BOMB, when you are almost about to die. I call it the LAST RESORT.
  • Amazing Effects and with colorful popping Pearls.
  • Tired of playing with the same ball? Lots of Balls to UNLOCK with super cool phenomenal effects.
  • Collect “+”, DIAMONDS and FREE POWER-UPS along your way. More you collect easier to release JOE.
  • Finished with the power-ups? Not to worry! Get more from the shop screen with your Diamonds and JOE.
  • Haven’t released JOE yet? Do not give up, Just CONNECT to Facebook and simply ASK your friends to send you the handsome JOE. Also, send JOE and HELP your friends too.
  • CONNECT to Facebook to share your scores and challenge your friends.
So keep playing, anywhere, anytime.
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