Party Panic
Published 3 years ago
In development
1.8 K
Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows

Party Panic is a local multiplayer mini-game roulette feature maniacal hellions called "Goobers." Compete with your friends in this crazy arena of games and score the most points to win. You'll laugh, you'll cry, It's stupid. If you get tired of the rapid fire minigames there's other game modes too! Try out Deathmatch for a classic FPS experience, or Dungeons (coming soon) to battle hordes of monsters in a dungeon crawler. With more content and minigames on its way!
Are you ready to punch your friends in the face?
Are you ready to chase exploding chickens?
Are you ready to run away from stupid (and hungry) whales?
Are you ready to play football with your face?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be ready for the stupidest party game ever!
Dylan Meville
Developer / artist / programmer / insomniac - Other
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Linux; Mac; TBA; Windows