Out Of Sight
Published 5 years ago
In development
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A mother suffering of dymnesia (memory block) tries to remember her lost memories with the help of a psychologist, in order to understand the reasons of her son running away.
She will have to use her five senses to get her memories together, and try to uncover the truth despite the lies her subconscious tries to impose.
Out of sight is a narrative video game experience based on a family traumatism. It was created on Unity 4 by a student team at Isart Digital.
This game is available with French or English subtitles. It also requires a gamepad.
What we're working on :
- Unity 5 port
- Bug fixes
- First time user improvement
- Mac port
- Windows 10 port
What people are saying :
"[...]I think the premise is a strong one. It's a bold and stylistically impressive game too." Pc gamer
"It's like a movie that I cannot stop playing once I started." (in Japanese)
Contact :
Feel free to send all comments, inquires or bugs to and follow us on facebook
Game Languages
French; English
Supported Platforms