Published 2 years ago
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The video game develops in a parallel dimension to the real one. While Monroe sleeps soundly every night he wanders through Morieto’s city. In his astral travels he seeks to appease the need of his physical being to accumulate objects of any kind, although sometimes these objects are absurd or have no apparent utility. That is why it is spent reviewing and entering strange places,
unknown and full of things.

Monroe always tries to take with him to the real world all the objects he collects, but logically, once he awakens, he loses everything he has collected. Therefore every time you are about to wake up, take a little more of your pills to continue sleeping. This has already become unhealthy because Monroe no longer wants to wake up, she just needs to have more and more objects.
As he makes his journeys he is followed by creatures belonging to another dimensional plane. He would run danger every time he enters a place, but he will defend himself with his little pure energy amulet.
Some places will be blocked by an apparent strange energy that will prevent Monroe from easily entering. To be able to discover that there are inside those sites, Monroe will solve different riddles or you will have to carry the right amulet that opens that door. These amulets will find them throughout the city in the darkest corners and in the most illogical places.
The advantage of collecting all these objects is that you can go combining them to create new gadgets, weapons or tools.
Roberto Ortiz
Game Developer | 3D Designer | Web Full Stack - Programmer
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