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One Tap Duels is an infinite dueling game. Players can choose from an elite group of warriors from all over the world and different times in history with unique abilities to prove which one is better.
With just a tap control if you character dodges, blocks, blinds or attack in order to win.
My Name is Francisco Chong i live in Panama, since I was a child, have always been attracted to video games (Atari in those times), at later stages in my life i wanted to make them, which drove me to learn flash with which i created a lot of web games until flash was dead, worked as a web developer and finally found unity.
One Tap Duels is an infinite dueling game. Choose from an elite group of warriors from all over the world and different times in history with unique abilities, prove which one is better!
The Objective is to react and decide your strategy to kill your opponent whether using a skill to dodge or attack at the right moment.
Background of the game.
One Tap Duels started as a an idea in my living room, speaking with my wife about fun games that we could play on android, we enjoyed playing ready, steady, bang so We though why don't we make our own Dueling game, so the I started prototyping the game with stick like figures on Unity, at 3:00 a.m. had a working prototype, which I shared with my friends and got pretty decent feedback.  A week before this, I was practicing pixel art and decided it was the path to go for One Tap Duels' graphics, creating assets was quick, I enjoyed creating them and could handle everything myself from design to animation to backgrounds, 2d is a bit more demanding and 3d was a no go for me, I am not good at creating 3d assets.
I have always been fan of Ninjas/Samurais and how animes portrayed duels in anime, the first thing that came to my mind after animes was Ninja Gaiden's intro duel, which basically marked how the game would be played, 2 warriors run and when they meet at the middle, tap/click at the correct time/distance and if timed correctly you would win, tapped too early or too late and you would die... after a week of testing mechanics i though, maybe this isn't enough, so i thought of adding special abilities for each warrior, then remembered one of my favorite games Samurai Showdown and immediatly started brainstorming abilities similar to the ones in SS.
Game Inspirations
Ready, Steady, Bang, Ninja Gaiden and Samurai Showdown
The Game was published on October 2nd 2016 and it's my first published game, from here we have plans to add a lot more playable characters, we have created around 30 mockups warriors from all type of cultures and history.
Currently the game is infinite, but we plan to add objectives for the player to accomplish, maybe killing a specific notorious warrior in world history? who knows... this is sparta :D
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