Omega Extinction
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An unspeakable evil has awoken and is hunting you and your friends down. But can you tell who is friend and who is foe?
In our reality, "Omega Centauri" was a dwarf galaxy, consumed by the milky way, however a creature from another reality, with the power to bridge between dimensions known only as The Experiment has come to wreak destruction upon the galaxy. In his reality, the Milky Way was the dwarf galaxy and it was consumed by Omega Centauri. He seeks to exterminate all life on the Milky Way, and the humans aboard Station 13 must prevent him from carrying out his crusade.
In Omega Extinction you can play on two teams, The Experiment or The Humans. The Experiment is incredibly powerful, and can use his abilities to trick and deceive the humans. The humans use technology and strength in numbers to attempt to defeat The Experiment before they are picked off one-by-one. Omega Extinction is an asymmetrical multiplayer FPS, where one player plays as The Experiment and up to 4 other players play as The Humans.
Play as the Experiment and hunt down the humans experimenting on you using many supernatural abilities, and hiding in plain sight by disguising as a human, gaining their trust, then killing them ALL!.
Survive as the Human team of 4, hunt down and kill the experiment before it can kill you! But be careful, he just might be one of your teammates in disguise!
Sam Heaslip
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