Ologon: Edlen's Wrath
Published 5 years ago
Linux; Mac; Windows

Ologon: Edlen’s Wrath is a strategy space combat game. Capture enemy planets, defend your planets from the enemy and dominate star system after star system in order to conquer the galaxy. Generate resources, boost your army and bathe the stars in the blood of your enemies.
  •     Immersive story:
Follow the story of Halley Edlen, a legendary war hero that, after being betrayed and left to die, will stop at nothing in his vengeful warpath.
  •     Simple, yet challenging gameplay:
With an easy learning curve and an ever growing challenge rate, Ologon: Edlen's Wrath real-time gameplay revolves around capturing enemy planets while defending yours.
Build attack fighters, bombers, defense satellites and even mighty capital ships that can contest against an entire planet in terms of firepower.
  •     Elegant graphics:
Beautiful solar systems with unique configurations in combination with an easy-to-read HUD gives the game a visual that is never tiring to look at.
  •     Great original soundtrack:
Classical tones that are excellent to have with space epics.
  •     Defeat those who wronged you:
Seek retribution with an entire space fleet backing your actions!
Pedro Dalcin
Game Languages
English; Portuguese, Brazil
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows