Oberon's Court - Shadow Chains.
Published 4 years ago
Mac; Windows

Oberon's Court, a game which is best described as an RTS/Adventure mashup.   
Players play as new arrival to an un-named afterlife, and find an underworld inhabited by feral and animalistic lost souls and shades. The player will not play as a single shade, but capture and chain the enemy shades as troops to be used.  The RTS controls will allow the player to navigate the squads of shadows around the underworld, but also interact with its denizens, perform assignments and quests and further the narrative experience. 
The game has been confirmed for Steam, with development wrapping up before the end of the year.
The game is a narrative experience, featuring a single player campaign focusing on the player's entry into the underworld and interaction with the factions therein, including the mysterious Oberon himself. 
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Mac; Windows