Published 3 years ago
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Windows; iOS; Android
Finally, a mobile game for gamers! Pioneering software brings console-like control and gameplay to touchscreens in this shooter, inspired by the '90s Sci-Fi games, and Star Control in particular.
Arcade game control
Supporting pioneering control schemes as well as hardware controllers, novaWARS brings the console/arcade experience to the touchscreen. Dodge, weave, spin, shoot. Use a planet's gravity for a speed slingshot, or draw your pursuer into a fatal collision with an explosive asteroid. This is real gameplay, dependent on reactions and skilful execution.
A mobile game with depth
Design the perfect vessels to conquer/save the universe, selecting from components in millions of combinations to balance fire-power, manoeuvrability and cost to fit your play style and the current level challenges, whether that's direct combat or using environmental hazards to your advantage.
Classic '90s space-game flavouring
Inspired by the great 1990s space games such as Master of Orion, Ascendancy, and of course Star Control, novaWARS indulges in the same delight of varied tech and gobbledegook sci-fi jargon. As well as the typical blasters and laser beams, expect cluster-missiles, gravity wells, and maybe a few 'antimatter cones' and 'space limpits'. ;)
Still a mobile game
novaWARS doesn't overreach itself, and is designed around short bouts so you can get a decent game when you've just got a few minutes to kill. A wealth of alternative control options also bring a simpler interface so the delights of real games are accessible to mobile gamers unaccustomed to d-pads and face-buttons. Guiding a ship through combat with waypoints is very nearly as good as the real thing.
David Coombes
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Windows; iOS; Android