No Heroes
Published 3 years ago
In development
No Heroes is a modern-era realistic multiplayer first person shooter.
Get thrown into a battle where opponents fight to survive until only one remains in Battle Royale. 
Communicate and plan as a small team to capture/defend objectives in a tense atmosphere, and a large dynamic interactive and destructible environment in Invasion. 
Fight as a larger team to capture objective points spread out across a region in Conquer. 
Key Features
  • Interactive and Destructible Environment 
  • Interact with the environment as you would expect it would interact, being able to open/close doors and windows, as well as break through them, turn on/off the lights on the streets and buildings or simply bring down the electricity of the whole region and much more. 
  • Make your own paths in the environment by destroying it to your advantage, being able to destroy walls, environment objects and bring whole buildings down. 
  • Player Mobility 
  • Move freely through the environment, being able to vault over obstacles, climb over walls, roll from a fall and more, allowing for a smoother vertical gameplay, and fast chases. 
  • Perform powerful takedowns to take out the enemy when up close. 
  • Physics 
  • Every projectile is affected by physics and takes its time to reach the target, making the gun-play as realistic as possible. 
  • Customization and Progression System 
  • Customize your weapons from sights and silencers to stocks and camouflages, allowing for thousands of different combinations for most of the weapons. 
  • Customize your weapon before battle or change most of the weapons attachments while in battle with attachments you find. 
  • Also customize your character by choosing various equipment and gear for various parts of your character. 
  • Unlock each item though an unlock tree, where more than one item is available to be allowed at every time for each weapon and player item. Each item will also require a different unlocking type value and amount. 
  • Dynamic Weather and Day/Night Cycle 
  • Immerse yourself in a fully dynamic environment where the weather and time of day change the atmosphere and the way you approach your objective. 
  • Immersive Experience 
  • Feel a realistic and tense combat gameplay experience. Feel and control the recoil of your weapons after each bullet you fire. 
  • Minimalistic HUD where the usual HUD elements are implemented right into the game experience. 
  • Have control over what's on your weapon, allowing you to adapt to the environment and situation. 
  • Game Modes 
  • Battle Royale 
  • Invasion 
  • Conquer 
  • Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch 
No Heroes will be available through Steam's Early Access when the game's main vision and features are complete, and works as expected. It is expected to be released through Early Access in the future.
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No Heroes was created and is being developed by @tiago11f
Software Engineer
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