New Flame
Updated a year ago
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A game about rituals.
We tell the story of an old village that on the full moon nights perform a Ritual where men take torches on top of the village mountain to keep spirits in peace.
Our heroine, called Flame, want to take part of this ritual, but is forbidden for her so she convince her grandfather with great determination, yet, on the way to the top of the mountain she stumble with some rocks losing balance and dropping the torch she was carrying. She didn’t want to fail so she jump to catch the torch falling over a cliff.
This action ruin the Ritual and so the Mountain’s God cursed her to be a beast marked with the sign of the Flame. Would you help her to restore order and regain her human form?
This game is in the stage of: Demo, made on the Global Game Jam 2016
Esteban Gaete Flores
Co-founder and CEO - Programmer
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