Neptune Rising
Published 4 years ago
In development
Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
Survival horror returns to it's roots...
Unravel the mystery behind the Woodland disaster...
A US Navy experiment that went horribly wrong resulted in the worst outbreak the world has ever faced. Joseph Holloway and Mel Foreman, two locals from the town of Woodland, try to survive against impossible odds and escape this nightmare. As they try to survive and gather clues on the disaster that occurred they will meet friends and foes and it is clear that the real danger doesn't come only from the undead but from the living also...
The game follows the formula of more exploration and puzzle solving over action in an atmospheric world. You have to navigate through claustrophobic and narrow areas and gather resources and items that will help you progress through the game. Ammunition is limited so you have to be careful when to use your weapons and when you should run to avoid confrontation. Every bullet and health pack can really be a matter of life...or death.
- Play as Joseph Holloway and Mel Foreman in interconnecting chapters
- Alot of weapons from knifes and handguns to flamethrowers and grenade launchers
- Both tank style and free style controls
- Each bullet counts so gather your limited resources carefully
- Different enemies need different tactics
Stratos K.
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4