Nanite Fulcrum
Published a year ago
Available on
Oculus Rift; Gear VR
An unlikely pair of online penpals must save the world from a nanoscopic alien invasion! The Spiraloid Workshop delivers the first Graphic Novel built from the ground up in 3D.
Page through a new kind of impossible graphic novel you that fully immerses you in 3D. Sling bullets with fistfulls of lightning spiders or discover incredible bonuses hidden between the panels. There is more too this book than meets the eye! 
From creator Bay Raitt and the Spiraloid Workshop Company comes the next step in the evolution of the graphic novel - in 3D. With the help of indie game developer Dylan Fitterer (Audiosurf), the constraints of reality are lifted to present the first 3D Graphic Novel. Part comic, part mini-game, Nanite Fulcrum: Issue Øne is the start of a new kind of epic new sci-fi adventure. A must try experience for anyone into VR, Comics, Toys and Games.
Bay Raitt
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Supported Platforms
Oculus Rift; Gear VR