Mr. Mustachio 2
Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android
The much bigger, much better and pretty expansive version of the original 'Mr. Mustachio' game. The concept remains the same - Given a rule and and some values, the player has to match a row/column of the grid to it. (It's actually not that easy!). While the original game was only 'numbers' based, the new version is far more expansive and has several worlds to complete. The game is now available on iOS!
After the great response to the original 'Mr. Mustachio', it is time to up the ante and unload a full feature packed game as its sequel.
The brain teaser is back and it will be better than before. Moving on from just the 'numbers', the game will have several worlds to traverse through to complete it.
Mr. Mustachio builds upon the gameplay of the evergreen word search puzzles!
Remember the puzzles where you are given a grid of letters and you need to search for words in it based on some clue or theme?
Mr. Mustachio uses that principle and puts a little spin on that. Use your power of observation to search the grid for the row or column which matches a given rule and a corresponding value! Easy as that! Of course, we added a time limit to make things interesting!
Add to that the concept of differentiating the blocks of the grid based on their colour, and you get quite perplexing puzzles. Puzzles that are seemingly very easy but incredibly hard to crack in the stipulated time.
All this results in quite a challenging and interesting game!
So, how quickly can you scan a grid in different directions to find the correct answer? Sharpen your brain, sharpen your eyesight, sharpen your reflexes and bring it all together to beat the timer!
The character of Mr. Mustachio adds a fun dimension to the game! Watch Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow with more grids you figure out!
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** Unique gameplay which is take on grid based word search puzzles, requiring a keen eye and a sharp mind.
** One touch gameplay. Swipe or just tap on the corresponding button to select your answer.
** 3 different Game Modes - Story, Burst and Infinity.
** 10 different worlds to play. Over 100+ rules and variations to figure out.
** Unlock the ‘Endless World’ once you complete all the worlds thus allowing for endless content. Play as long as you want.
** 4 different kind of helpful ‘Aids’ provided to help the player strategise and get out of tricky situations.
** Boost your performance in the game by upgrading nearly every aspect of the game by utilising the in-game currency.
** Get high scores, top leaderboards, 50+ achievements to complete, challenge friends.
** Connect with your Facebook account and invite your friends. See how you are doing as compared to your friends on the leaderboard.
** Allows the players to capture a video of their gameplay and save or share it with their friends.
** For the ones who love their numbers, there is also a statistics page to track player performance.
** Graphical line charts to give a visual representation of a player’s progress and proficiency.
Loads of new stuff added such as Boosters to upgrade every aspect of your game, Funny News Flashes, Proficiency Tracker, Scoring performance tracker, comprehensive statistics etc.
The game is now available on iOS!
Shobhit Samaria
Indie Game Developer
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iOS; Android