Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Oculus Rift
MotEx is a VR-Driving Simulator, that supports driving school students in learning additional skills, that can’t be teached in reality. The players will be able to drive in a living world, and learn about complex traffic situations.
Motex is a Virtual Reality Driving School Simulator which ought to be an addition to existing driving school teaching procedures. Using a virtual reality driving simulator the user is placed inside a virtual city and can drive a virtual car. Inside this simulation, they can look and drive around freely just as they would in a real car - and learn from their mistakes.
They are set on a mission or a story, like driving a friend to the trainstation for the last train. On the way, they have to adhere to traffic rules and similar to the real world, many things can happen during driving: A firetruck may pass by, ignoring traffic lights; a kid could run across the street or a driver may brake unexpectedly while trying to find a parking space. During this moments, the student has to react fast and correct. But even if they fail, they will learn from the situation and gain experiences for the real world.
By training multiple times, they will be better at assessing critical situations and learn how to identify dangerous situations and thus raise their awareness.
Besides these use case, we can also let students experience and create awareness for illegal actions during driving. Overtaking, driving under influence, momentary nodding off, driving too fast - we can simulate many circumstances and show driving students how dangerous this behaviours can be. Students can also train their theoretical knowledge, by pointing at cars that behave wrong or indicating which driver would have priority at an intersection.
Patrick Kolar
VR Programmer
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Windows; Oculus Rift