Mibi Surprise Eggs Animals
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Let the kids find cute animalas inside colorful eggs. They then fall down to 4 different levels: the farm, the pets, the forest and the savannah where the kids can interact with them in a playful way.
Mibi Surprise Eggs Animals is based on the popular youtube phenomena called "Surprise eggs" that any parent to small kids and toddlers have some time seen. We have elaborated the concept to be even more playful than just unboxing surprise eggs. In our game the scene starts with a sky setting where six colourful eggs are floating. By tapping on an egg it will eventually open and reveal a cute animal. That animal will then fall down to one of our four playful settings: the farm, the pets, the forest and the savannah. The four levels each contains six unique animals and features including: the ability to switch between night and day, interacting freely with the animals and occasional rainy weather.
Our game has since launch been featured on Apple App store as "New games we love" and "Kids game you'll adore. It has also reached top 10 in US kids category and 1st position in kids category in various countries across Asia.
Mibi Games
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English; French; German; Swedish; Norwegian; Danish; Finnish; Spanish
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iOS; Android