Mad Gardener
Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android
Recipe for "Mad Gardener"... Ingredients: one ex-rockstar that rediscovered himself as a crazy farmer, a brave mighty rooster-pet called "Apollo", some GMO plants and lunatic quest-giving uncle. Preparation: the ingredients are mixed with Shotgun, SMG and Machine-gun! Feel free to add Dynamite, Molotov and Nitrogen! Defend against waves of attacking monsters and lay mayhem on the battlefield!

“Mad Gardener” is an episodic Hero/Tower defense mobile game. The player takes the role of an ex-rockstar that retired as gardener in his home village after a car accident. But the area around his farm was surrounded by high-risk locations like old military cemetery, cursed forest, toxic spill etc. Therefore the ex-rockstar turned his old guitar into a deadly weapon to defend from danger.
The ex-rockstar is supported by the epic rooster called Apollo. The rooster can lay mayhem in the battlefield by throwing explosives and everything he can pick from the ground. Apollo is also proficient karateka, he served in the French foreign legion and was part of police special forces.
The dirty little secret of the Mad Gardener is that he is growing GMO plants in his backyard. These deadly fruits and vegetables will not show mercy to intruders.
“Mad Gardener” is designed to be ergonomically played on mobile devices with one finger. The player simply has to tap on incoming monsters in order shoot them down. When the attacking enemies are too many you can drag explosives over them to call Apollo for help. Then the rooster will run to the target location and will throw the desired explosive there – note that timing is very important when throwing explosives.
Episode 1 features:
- 1 big bad boss
- 3 mini-bosses
- 3 deadly weapons
- 3 earth-shaking explosives
- 4 stylish environtments
- 8 berserker monsters
- 9 ugly monsters
- 40 massive-action stages
Lyubomir Rusev
Co-Founder, CTO at Parizagames Ltd. - Programmer
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iOS; Android