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Windows; Mac
Lydia is a story-driven graphic adventure, that focuses on delivering a strong emotional impact. The game tells a story about substance abuse from a viewpoint of a small child. The game features beautiful, hand-drawn graphics and an original score.
Lydia is a story game in the vein of To the Moon. The game is all about the atmosphere. Spectacular gray-scale graphics with a hint of color and dark, ambient original soundtrack sets the tone for the melancholic story.
The game is short, lasting only about 1-2 hours. Lydia is an emotional journey to the depths of the imagination of a small child.
Lydia is a sweet little girl who loves her Teddy very much. Teddy has been with Lydia from the very beginning. Lydia can’t remember living or playing without him.. Lydia has never adventured nor found crickets from the nearby playground without him. Lydia loves Teddy and Teddy loves her back.
Recently they’ve had difficulties sleeping. There are a lot of loud noises coming from downstairs. The adults are having their own adventures there. Every night, all the time.
And of course there is the Monster. It is always there, hiding somewhere in the shadows where the eye can’t see. Adults said that the monster isn’t real, that it’s all just imagination. But the adults are wrong. The monster is real, although Teddy keeps telling that it isn’t. He keeps telling that everything’s going to be all right.
Teddy will always be there, watching Lydia. Keeping the monster away. Making sure, that Lydia can sleep through the night.
But this time the sounds are louder than usual.
"This child’s tale deals skillfully with adult issues." (Washington Post)
"I give Platonic Partnership a lot of credit for creating a powerful interactive experience with emotional impact." (Just Adventure LLC)
“Lydia is very real and sad experience, that can be recommended to everyone.” (
"Lydia will leave you with a variety of emotions and makes one think." (Grunex)
Juho Kuorikoski
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Windows; Mac