Lurk in the Dark
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4
Lurk in the Dark is our first project.
You will feel horror in this game. However, if this game is released and you play until the end, you will be shedding tears with different emotions.

People have dark and ugly parts.
Please to accept without deflecting your eyes and find a small light shining in it.
--- Beginning ---
“Babels Hill Top”, a town flourishing with woodworks and mineral minings.
One ordinary day, there was an incident.
About a century ago, the household of Ruggles, a wealthy family who were pioneers of the town and contributed a lot, were masacred.
Our story starts with this incident.
--- Prologue ---"The Guilty"
One day, the police of the Babels Hill Top got a call.
The caller was a merchant who delivered food and alcohol to the Ruggles family regularly.
“Everyone’s dead. Hurry... Please hurry!!”
The police who took the call, gathered his investigation team and headed for the Ruggles Mansion.
A member of that team, “Marcus” is going to be the protagonist of this prologue.
He is going to experience something so strange and unreal in the mansion and he, himself, will be driven to commit a crime due to this fear.
※This episode will be made available to play during the middle of 2017 for those who have bought the right of access in the early stages!  (PC only)
※We are planning to make this short episode with about 30 minutes to 1 hour time to clear it.
--- Original Version ---"Lurk in the Dark"
The continuation of the story after the prologue (few hours later).
Jack, a person running a professional thievery business, was targeting the wealthy Ruggles household’s mansion that very day.
The mansion was altered and extended so many times over the years that it made itself an ideal target.
And Jack, who did not know about the incident, headed towards the mansion and wallked with his heart filled with hatred and revenge.
Jack had a heartbreaking past which had led him into becoming a professional thief. Today, in this mansion, he was about to face his past and face the darkness that had stained his soul.
Yusuke Hamazaki
Game Languages
English; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4