Lunar Soil
Published 2 years ago
In development
A 3rd person moon-based management game about you, your crew and your corporate sponsorship.
Your interstellar career is now within reach!
Welcome to Lunar Soil. Your aspiration as a builder, entrepreneur and space explorer has been heard! Pick a sponsor and get ready to claim that rock!
Lunar Soil is a 3rd person moon-based management game about you, your crew and your corporate sponsorship.
Setting up your new company
Before beginning managing your moonbase you need to set up a company and pick a sponsor! Choose between a handful of mysterious conglomerates that have been monopolized the supply of space fuel for decades. Each come with its own unique opportunities, requests, threats and ideas.
Working on board your new moonbase
A steady income will help you pay your employees salaries, food and trading goods or let you get advanced machinery. You choose how you want to run your base, as well as staying alive. Here are some basic ways to keep your company busy:
  • Mining
Mining ores and rare moon minerals is a robust way to earn your keep or to craft more advanced machinery and equipment.
  • Farming
Botanists can grow and harvest plants, crops, fibers and flowers in well tempered greenhouses for food, medicine, recreation or even profit.
  • Researching
Setup a lab, identify unknown artifacts, do science for the greater good of your colony and discover new technologies.
  • Crafting
Create advanced machinery and parts for industrialized farming, clothes, tools, assets to your moonbase or for trading.
  • Trading
Manipulate the deep space trading to maximize profit. Sell your trade goods and make a profit.
  • Training
Increase the potential and value of your crew members. Make them into experts.
  • Exploring
Explore the moon! claim areas of interest, find new resources and opportunities.
  • Economics
Keep your sponsor and your crew happy and contempt, doing their bids can yield you higher rewards.
Expand and decorate your base
Decorate your base with crafted items or traded goods to feel at home. Expand your base as your company grows.
The crew of Lunar Soil
Managing, maintaining and recruiting a diverse and effective crew is an important step to a successful moonbase operation. Meet some of the pre-selected example "experts" over here.
Crew cooperation
You manage your crew by switching between playing as yourself and as your employees. Crew cooperation is the key to reach your goals. Your crew is the fuel for your organization. Keep them happy and sound to create a good work environment. If you ignore their wishes and needs they may get depressed or mad. Remember that you are on a very isolated place where you only have each other...
Put on your spacesuit and explore the unkown
Enjoy the rocky landscape, hang out with your coworkers, burn a body, throw someone into a meat grinder or lock them into an airlock. Explore the moon with your spacesuit and make new discoveries.
* Visiting the outside of your moonbase without your spacesuit will turn you into a corpse within seconds.
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