Lucius II
Published 4 years ago
Available on
Linux; PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One

From the burning wreckage he walked unharmed. He had survived the cold slaughter he put on in his familys estate. He had taken the weak and punished the wicked. He had looked trough the peepholes of their souls and found the true selves they were hiding. The book of revelations predict the birth of the child that would end up ruling the world with an iron rod. The first part of this prophecy has been fulfilled. It is time to take care of the rest.
After the leaving Dante Manor, He was taken to ST. Benedict hospitals psychiatric ward. The ways of the wicked are not always easy. Lucifer had decided to create a little challenge for the offspring and took away the boys supernatural abilities. Whispers of a prophecy find their way to the boys ear as he decides to act again and regain his powers. Little does he know about his new advisories.
Johannes Aikio
CEO - Other
Game Languages
English; Russian; Turkish; Hungarian; French; German; Spanish; Italian
Supported Platforms
Linux; PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One
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